Delta Medical Showcases Chinese Manufacturing Strengths at Arab Health Exhibition

Delta Medical has announced that overseas market development is one of the key strategies in its 2024 development plan. 

While looking ahead to global markets, Delta Medical actively participates in international medical exhibitions and specialized orthopedic conferences. In 2024, the company’s outreach will cover regions including the Middle East, North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

As the first major medical event of 2024, the Arab Health Exhibition witnessed the passion and strength of Delta Medical. The surgical solutions for shoulder, knee, and small joint injury repair—and a 4K ultra-high-definition medical endoscope imaging system were showcased at the exhibition, attracting attention from Middle Eastern, and Arab countries, as well as global distributors and doctors.

Delta Medical is confident in the Middle Eastern market, and the exhibition scene echoed the company’s vision. A large number of attendees flocked to the Delta booth, eagerly anticipating superior solutions to address patient needs. As of the conclusion of the Arab Health Exhibition, which marked its 49th successful edition, the scale, number of exhibitors, and attendees have expanded year by year, earning global acclaim.

With confidence and anticipation, Delta Medical will collaborate with Arab Health to continuously develop and improve products, contributing to the field of sports medicine. We look forward to meeting with audiences at the AAOS exhibition in San Francisco during the 2024 Chinese New Year period, witnessing the pinnacle of medical innovation together.