Arthroscopy Camera

Arthroscopy Camera

The Arthroscopy Camera (3-in-1 or 2-in-1) offers FHD and 4K resolution.

4K Ultra High-Definition Camera Main Console, developed with intelligent chip, low heat generation, long service life, fast processing speed, and stable output.

Integration Design

Three-in-One: Camera System, Light Source System, Recording and Storage

Two-in-One:   Camera System, Recording and Storage

Reducing connection cables, bringing a more convenient and safer surgical experience.

Multiple Controls

Functions and parameter adjustment can be easily accomplished through the console button, remote control, and camera handle, facilitating a more effortless and convenient surgical experience.

Convenient Output

One-click storage, simply insert a USB drive to quickly export image data without any loss of quality, offering convenient storage and easy communication.

Noise Elimination

Automatically eliminate noise generated by the image sensor to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the system.

Brightness Correction

Advanced image algorithm to maintain uniform image brightness and reduce visual fatigue.

Intelligent Sharpening

Effectively restore the image edge details, and enhance the image’s three-dimensional effect and depth of field.

Image Optimization

3CMOS image processing technology, one-click start, improves image quality.


4K Ultra High-Definition Camera Head

Build in with Optical zoom, manual focus, Zoom in/out, white balance, and freeze function. Ergonomic design and Lightweight handle

Operable and focusable with just one hand. Universal and detachable arthroscope mount.,

Digital ultra-high definition 3840X2160P, 1/1.8 CMOS, One-click automatic white balance function.

IPX7 waterproof feature, low-temperature plasma sterilization.

Supports digital zoom from 1 to 3 times for image enlargement.



Item Specification
4K UHD Endoscopic Imaging System with Light Source
4K UHD Endoscopic Imaging System without Light Source
FHD Endoscopic Imaging System with Light Source
FHD Endoscopic Imaging System without Light Source