All-inside Repair

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The arthroscopic “all-inside” meniscus suturing technique offers the arthroscopist a way of placing vertically oriented sutures through peripheral posterior horn tears located posterocentral without the risks of nerve, vessel, or posterior capsular entrapment inherent in both the “outside-in” and the “inside-out” arthroscopic methods. This technique introduces new instrumentation that allows the surgeon to both place sutures and tie suture knots intraarticularly under arthroscopic control. The advantages of all-inside repair include ease of use, avoidance of an accessory incision and shorter operation time. This technique is used in the anterior horn, body and posterior horn of meniscus.

Delta Medical Offers 2 different options for all-inside meniscus repair, the T-Lock™ with Cigar Handle or Pistol Handle. 

The ultra-low profile implants are expelled from the tip of the delivery needle, minimizing the over-penetration of the meniscus.
T-Lock™ with Cigar Handle has a 10° curved needle designed to provide easy access to the meniscus tear.
T-Lock™ with Pistol Handle has a 14° upward curved slotted cannula with a measurement scale that protects the graft and tissues during positioning.

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