Congratulations on the Success of the 19th IFOSMA Conference

Congratulations on the Success of the 19th IFOSMA Conference, Delta Medical Leads the Way for Domestic Sports Medicine Enterprises to Shine Again!

On October 22nd, the IFOSMA Conference (The19th International Forum on Orthoepic Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy and 9th Annual Meeting of Chongqing Medical Association on Sports Medicine) came to a perfect ending in Chongqing. The conference upheld and promoted the principle of sports medicine, “Function First, Quick Recovery and Return to Sports,” and focused on in-depth discussions on the current hot topics and challenges in the field of sports medicine. Concurrently, this edition of IFOSMA hosted the Annual Meeting of the Chongqing Medical Association Sports Medicine Branch, the National Tour of the Chinese Medical Association Sports Medicine Branch, and the Sports Health Industry Innovation Summit.

Delta Medical, representing domestic sports medicine enterprises, closely aligned with the conference’s mission and academic frontiers. We maintained a professional, rigorous, and quality-centric approach and undertook the mission of “Restore Motion to Life.” Delta Medical showcased high-quality products and services on the conference. With an innovative and forward-thinking mission, we joined hands in establishing the Chongqing Sports Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Center to expand the vigorous development of sports medicine in China tirelessly.

DELTA’S Features

At this IFOSMA Conference, Delta Medical presented a full range of products, including sports medicine implants, surgical instruments, arthroscopic equipment and rehab brace. They comprehensively displayed a diverse product portfolio and innovative solutions in sports medicine, earning unanimous praise from industry experts. Delta Medical has steadily developed in terms of products and technology, embracing growth and transformation while advocating for the integrated development of production, education, and research. We have contributed to the advancement of domestic sports medicine.  

Precision Manufacture

On October 20th, Delta Medical’s Satellite Meeting was successfully held during the 19th IFOSMA. The meeting, titled “New Products,” centered around “Precision Manufacture” and introduced a full range of 4K ultra-high-definition and full high-definition arthroscopy imaging system equipments. Delta remains focused on clinical needs, crafting high-quality products through excellent industrial design and clinical practicality.

Smart Chongqing, Innovative Delta

On October 20th, the unveiling ceremony of the Chongqing Sports Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Center and the Sports Health Industry Innovation Summit proceeded smoothly. The Chongqing Sports Medicine Industry Technology Innovation Center is one of 18 new layout technology innovation centers in Chongqing, jointly established with the support of Delta Medical, Beijing University the Third Hospital, Southwest University, Chongqing University of Technology, and Chongqing Advanced Orthopedic Technology Research Institute. The innovation center will fully utilize the resources of the government, businesses, universities, and research institutions to promote technological innovation and industrial development in the field of sports medicine. Leveraging Chongqing’s industrial advantages and the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of the Science City, the center will strengthen cooperation and exchanges with excellent domestic and international enterprises and research institutions to facilitate the transformation, upgrading, and innovative development of the sports medicine industry, providing a robust platform for support and collaboration for Chongqing and the entire country’s sports medicine industry. 

Delta Medical will continue to walk hand in hand with industry colleagues, tirelessly delving into the field of sports medicine. As a leading brand in domestic sports medicine, we aim to lead domestic sports medicine products into the global arena through innovative technology. We are looking forward to meet you again at the next grand event.

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