Glory Ends: DELTA MEDICAL's MEDICA Journey in Germany

A Powerful Showcase, Center Booth in the Main Hall

DELTA MEDICAL made a stellar debut at the MEDICA medical exhibition in Germany by occupying a prime position in the center of Hall 9, marking a rare success for domestic manufacturers in the challenging landscape of MEDICA. Delta Medical comprehensively displayed its entire product line and the new hip joint products, DELTA MEDICAL showcased our leading technology, allowing the world to witness the strength of Chinese manufacturing and the intelligent innovation of DELTA MEDICAL.

Warm Reception, a Continuous Flow of Visitors

During the four-day exhibition, Delta Medical’s booth attracted a large number of visitors and the scene was very lively. We maintained a strong presence throughout the event, building strong connections with doctors and distributors from a range of new markets. This has laid a solid foundation for our further expansion in the European market.

Unstoppable Globalization, a Torrent of Invitations

As soon as the exhibition concluded, Delta Medical received a series of invitations and requests for visits and meetings. We have successfully secured invitations to three official academic conferences and international exhibitions. MEDICA was just the beginning in Europe; DELTA MEDICAL’s footprint will continue to deepen in Europe and North America. This recognition is not only recognition of our strength but also expectations for Chinese sports medicine brands to break through on the international stage.

DELTA MEDICAL vows to live up to expectations, continuing to make more contributions to the development of domestic sports medicine. Let’s look forward! Thank you for your attention and support!