"Medical Continuing Education"--Delta Medical Collaborates with Peking University Third Hospital

In August, Delta Medical successfully launched the “Medical Continuing Education” program as a collaborative effort with the experts from Peking University Third Hospital Sports Medicine Research Institute. This initiative marks a significant stride in advancing sports medicine knowledge and practices across the country.

Our program offers a diverse range of activities, tailored to create a holistic learning experience for sports medicine professionals nationwide. This program kicks off with comprehensive engagement, including patient care, outpatient service, surgical observation, rehabilitation and discussions on hospital departmental construction and management. The core goal is to provide a unified platform for sports medicine elites from various regions to learn, exchange ideas and collectively grow in their field. By fostering multidimensional communication and interaction and drawing insights from top-tier tertiary hospitals’ departmental construction experiences to enhance the efficiency of departmental management and contribute to the development of the sports medicine sector.

The key highlights includes:

1. Active exchanges between our expert team and the participants, focusing on topics like department and regional academic center’s establishment, construction and management.

2. Observation of the rehabilitation center to understand the practical aspects of patient recovery.

3. A guided tour of Delta Medical’s Beijing Production Base, where our CEO personally welcomed the esteemed expert team and provided an overview of Delta Medical’s global market share and multiple product lines within the sports medicine portfolio.

The “Medical Continuing Education” program has garnered significant support from industry experts, reflecting the enthusiasm and dedication of the medical community towards advancing sports medicine. Looking ahead, Delta Medical will remain committed to continually investing in the development of this academic platform, aiming to serve a broader spectrum of sports medicine elites.